Frequently Asked Questions

I see many races listed. Do I need to run in all of the races?

Nope. You need to complete at least 4 of the 6 races listed to officially complete the Run the Slam series.

Is there a benefit to running in all of the races?

Yeah. To thank you for your support of these quality Utah Half Marathons, we will reduce your overall time by 2 minutes if you complete 6 of the races.

In addition, we will take 4 of your best time from the races to comprise your overall Slam time.

Does the $50 membership cost cover the costs of all 4 races?

No. The $50 registration fee for Run the Slam is separate from the individual race costs.  You will need to sign up for and pay for each race independently.

What does my $50 membership cost for Run the Slam get me?
  • Ability to combine times across 4 races and compare them to other runners
  • Participation in an overall ranking competition by age group for a top finisher medal
  • Unique medals for every race you run
  • A Run the Slam finishers tee-shirt and window sticker
  • $5 off all the races
  • Guaranteed Entry into all half marathons
What if I can't run in 4 of the approved races?

In order to complete Run the Slam you will need to run in at least 4 races. You will be to be an age division winner and will not have a final Slam time if 4 are not completed.

What if I have already signed up for some of the races?

You can still be an eligible participant in Run the Slam.  You will just use the registration code for the other races.

What if I want to run a full marathon? Can it still count for Run the Slam?

Absolutely!  We will just take your full marathon time and cut it in half.

4 Half Marathons.   I got this.

We are sorry to announce that we will not be offering Run the Slam in 2017.

If you are interested (or know of someone who might be interested) in taking over Run the Slam, please contact Melodie for more information at 801-227-7326.