The Benefits of Joining

Save Money

You get $5 off most of the races.  When you sign up for Run the Slam, you will receive a registration code which you will use as you register for the individual races. You are still responsible to register for these races, but the code will give special privileges.


2012 Timpanogos Half Marathon

Compare times

Your time will be tracked on our Overall Rankings page.  You will only be ranked against the participants in your age bracket.  Age Division Medals will be awarded to the top finishers in those individual brackets. Your times will also be displayed by individual races. Run 6 races and take 2 minutes off of your overall time!


Get Cool Stuff

Besides the $5 off the races, you will also receive a Run the Slam wicking t-shirt, a unique medal for every race you complete, and a Run the Slam window sticker.  There is also a beautiful plaque you can purchase to display your 4 medals.


Support Local Charities

Many half marathons in the Run the Slam series support local charities throughout Utah Valley.  The Slam allows you to give back to your community all while doing something you love.

Thanksgiving Point Half Marathon donates One-hundred percent of race proceeds will benefit Thanksgiving Point’s Museum of Natural Curiosity project. The new museum will offer spaces for families to explore the world through play in a fun and educational environment. Five exhibit areas will cover topics ranging from science and art to the environment and world cultures.

 The 2011 Thanksgiving Point Half Marathon donated an incredible $80,000 to the Museum of Natural Curiosity project!

The Utah Valley Marathon, Half Marathon& 5K allocates 100% of their proceeds directly to two foundations that have big impacts on children’s lives. One charity we donate to is the Children with Cancer Christmas Foundation. This foundation donates 100% of their received money to help children with cancer. These children are located mainly in Utah Valley. Last year 90 children and their families were supported through this charity. The other charity we donate to is Deseret International. They help children in financially oppressed nations with corrective surgeries. We like being a charitable marathon, and we hope you will support us and our charitable cause.

Timpanogos Half Marathon supports “I Pledge”.  “I Pledge” is responsibility for natures gifts. We have been given a great opportunity to enjoy the most lush and  majestic canyon in the state of Utah. Each runner will have the chance to make a personal pledge as to what they will do to ensure environmental responsibility and decrease our carbon footprint. This pledge can be anything from using both sides of paper, picking up trash, adopting a highway, or just recycling paper and plastic. The bibs will have a spot for you to write in your unique pledge and markers will be at packet pick-up and at the start for you to use.


Support Local Utah Valley Races

Each of these Half Marathons takes a great deal of organization and man power.  Many people throughout Utah Valley volunteer their time to make these races happen.  We are happy to be apart of the culture of Utah Valley by gathering great people together and supporting the health of the individual.


Stay Motivated and in Shape

The Run the Slam Half Marathons were intentionally planned out in a nice logical fashion by spacing races out about 6 weeks in order to allow your body time to recuperate after each half marathon.  We support fitness and specifically chose these races so the runners could comfortably compete in all the races – this keeps your running and training schedules fun and motivating all summer long.


2012 Timpanogos Half Marathon2012 Timpanogos Half Marathon

4 Half Marathons.   I got this.

We are sorry to announce that we will not be offering Run the Slam in 2017.

If you are interested (or know of someone who might be interested) in taking over Run the Slam, please contact Melodie for more information at 801-227-7326.