Run in 4 Utah County Half Marathons

If you want to participate in Run the Slam for 2016, you will need to complete 4 of the following half marathons: Tulip Festival, Alpine Classic, Utah Valley, AF Canyon,  Timpanogos, Nebo or Haunted. We will take your 4 best times for your chance to be the overall division winner. As an added incentive to support running in Utah County Half Marathons, if you enter and complete 6 races, 2 minutes will be subtracted from your overall time!


**The registration fee for Run the Slam is separate from the individual race costs.  You will need to sign up and pay for each race independently.

  • Tulip Festival Half Marathon

    Through the Thanksgiving Point Gardens at the height of the annual Tulip Festival.

  • Alpine Classic Half Marathon

    A loop course taking you through the beautiful city of Alpine.

  • Utah Valley Half Marathon

    The half marathon race course has spectacular views of the beautiful Utah Valley.

  • AF Canyon Half Marathon

    AF Canyon Half Marathon is here against cancer and to raise money for cancer patients.

  • Timpanogos Half Marathon

    Starting at Tibble Fork Reservoir you will enjoy views of Mount Timp and Timp Cave.

  • Nebo Half Marathon

    This half marathon starts in Payson Canyon, one of the prettiest canyons in the Wasatch Mountains.

  • Haunted Half Marathon

    Grab Halloween costumes, and get ready for the run of your lives!

4 Half Marathons.   I got this.

We are sorry to announce that we will not be offering Run the Slam in 2017.

If you are interested (or know of someone who might be interested) in taking over Run the Slam, please contact Melodie for more information at 801-227-7326.